1I cannot access my NVR locally using the internet Explorer, Is there something I need to do first?

Please make sure you enable your active X on IE internet option, you can download our instruction on our website under Tech support- Embedded Software.

2When I played a recorded video on a particular date and wanted to play another video from another date it’s not allowing me to click on any other date, what is the cause of this?

Make sure that first video that you played is not playing before you can select any other date, you can just simply right click on it to stop the video.

3Why does the IP address keeps on changing on my NVR?

Please make sure that your IP address is on static, not on DHCP because IP address will keeps on changing whenever your Router has been restarted.

4The email notification is not working on my NVR, I already set up my email, is there something missing?
  • Please make sure that you are using Gmail only, this is the only email that is supported on our NVR/DVR
  • Please double check your email settings based on your actual email.
  • If still not working please contact Watchnet Technical Support
5I cannot view one of my cameras when outside the network, what is the cause of this?

Please make sure that your bit rate is not high so it can transmit video outside the network.

6My DVR keeps on rebooting on a certain time, what is the cause of this?

Please make sure that your Auto Restart option is set to “never” so it will run continuously.

7How can I access multiple NVR/DVR in one program?

You can access multiple NVR/DVR using our Multisite manager application, you can download it on our website under Tech Support-Embedded Software.

8How many hours of video can my NVR/DVR store?

The length of archive depends on number of cameras, frames per second (FPS) and amount of available hard disk space. Our preconfigured systems usually provide several weeks of archive on motion detection mode.

9How many user can view one site at the same time?

The NVR/DVR systems allow multiple users to view the same site simultaneously. However, as more people look at the same NVR/DVR at the same time, the bandwidth will be shared between them.

10Can I use my Hard drive from a pc into the DVR system?

Yes, as long as it is a sata Hard drive, but take note that whatever data you have on your hard drive will be deleted and be formatted on the DVR.

11Why can’t I play the video that I backed up from my DVR into the PC?
  • Please make sure you have the codec updates on your pc in order to play the video.
  • If still not playing you can download the player from our website under Tech support-Embedded software.
  • If still not working please contact Watchnet Technical Support
12Can I use the motion detection option on a particular camera to do a recording?

Yes, you can set this option on Set up-DVR Set up-“Schedule”. You can select the camera you want to set up as motion or normal recording

13What happens to the recorded video when the hard drive runs out of space?

The DVR will automatically overwrite the oldest data once the hard drive reaches capacity.

14What is the difference between H.264 and MJPEG compression type? What is the recommended setting?

The Difference between two is the video compression method, meaning MJEPG requires a huge amount of data transferred, which raises the requirements of network bandwidth and the size of video archive while the other H.264 is the latest video compression and it limits the amount of data to be transferred, so H.264 is the recommended settings for compression.

15Can DVR/NVR send Email notifications?

Yes, you can set your system to send email whenever there’s an HDD events, setup changes, alarm inputs, video loss and some others.

16Can DVR/NVR send Email notifications?

Yes, you can set your system to send email whenever there’s an HDD events, setup changes, alarm inputs, video loss and some others.

17Can I use MAC to access my DVR outside the network?

Yes, you can download our software for mac on our website under Tech support-Embedded Software.

18Can I use 3rd party brand camera on watchnet DVR?

Watchnet cannot guarantee any other brands of camera, you can try at your own risk.

19How can I search a previous recorded data or date?

You can simply click search, enter your user and password and select the day you wish to see.

20What is the difference between continuous and motion recording?

Continuous mode records continuously while motion only records when motion is detected.

21What is the default username and password for my DVR?

Default username is “admin” and default password is “1234”

22Can I setup a multiple user accounts and groups?

Yes, your DVR is able to create 50 and up user accounts.

23What is a PoE?

YPower over Ethernet. Power over Ethernet (or PoE) is a technology that allows LAN-enabled devices, such as network cameras to be powered using standard Ethernet cabling, you can check our Products section for more info.

24How do I set up my IP address on my DVR so I could access it on my computer?

First Check the IP address, Subnet Mask, Gateway on your computer, and then copy only the Subnet Mask and gateway settings into your DVR, you can set it up on Set up, DVR Set Up, Network.

25What browser supports the DVR when accessing it on the computer?

Internet Explorer is the only browser that supports our DVR.

26When viewing video on some websites, how come they seem to have no robotic motions and clear crisp pictures?

Because the video is "streamed" meaning it is aggregated and then delivered on a delayed basis.

27What is the frame rate?

The frame rate is a number of image that are being displayed or recorded over a specific period of time. Typically, frames per second or "fps" is the specification most often used. Keep in mind that frame rate record and frame rate display are two different items.

28How can I register on DVRID.COM?

Just go to website http://dvrid.com (Watchnet free ddns service for watchNET customers) and click on “Register” put all the information then will go to next page. Type in the desired site name like for example “myhouse” .dvrid.com then type the serial number or mac address (without the colon) of the dvr.

29I already have a site name, how can I configure it on my dvr?

On your DVR, just to go Set up then DVR Set up then click on Network then click Advance Setting or Network Setting then double click on DDNS. On the drop down menu of DDNS type select DVRID then highlight ENABLE, Server IP “dvrid.com” , Port 80, Site name (type the site name you created on DVRID.COM example: “myhouse.dvrid.com”) Username: (email address to login at dvrid.com) Password: (password to login at dvrid.com) Interval: 300 secs. Then hit OK or SAVE.

30Why do I have to register on DVRID.COM?

On most residential, your internet provider will assign ip address on network and it may change anytime. Giving your system or DVR a site name will assure you that you will be able to connect to your dvr or system even if your internet provider change the ip address on your network. Other thing is naming the dvr a site name is much easier to remember.

31I forgot my password, how will I be able to login again?

Email Technical Support the details of the system. Model number and serial number of the system. Also, the installer company name, address and telephone number. You can email it to tech@watchnetinc.com . Watchnet technical support will reply your email once they have retrieved the resetting password for your system.

32What can be connected on usb ports on my DVR?

You can connect USB mouse and USB flash Drive with fat32 file format, and can only back up up to 32gb files at a time.

33Why Startup Wizard always shows up every time I reboot my DVR?

Startup Wizard will always pops up when you reboot your DVR if you did not initialize the quick start up wizard, you can prevent this on popping up by clicking “No” at the end of the first setup.

34Can I do a clip back up using the internet web service?

Yes, but it would take some time to back up depending on your internet speed.

35Can I back up all my DVR settings so if something happen I can load the settings back and how?

Yes, after you set up all the configuration you can back it up on a USB, you can go into ``Set up``-``Advanced Set up`` and Config Backup.

36One of the camera is not showing up on my DVR, what could be the cause of this?

There could be multiple reason for this;

  • Check if the camera is properly connected on the back of the DVR
  • Check the power adapter of the camera if it is properly connected
  • Switch the camera at the back of the port and see if does shows up, if it doesn’t shows up then something is wrong with the DVR

*IF you tried all of this and still a problem exist please call Watchnet Technical support.

37My DVR is not showing up anything on the screen, what is the reason for this?

There could be multiple reason for this;

  • Check if the power adapter is working fine or try to change the power supply if possible.
  • Try to unplug the hard drive and try to turn it on, if it does shows up its hard drive issue, check the warranty if it’s under warranty you can call the distributor or the manufacture to replace it.
  • Check the monitor or the monitor cable if it is properly connected.

*IF you tried all of this and still a problem exist please call Watchnet Technical support.

38My camera is not showing up when I tried viewing them outside the house, what is the reason for this?

Check the frame rate and bit rate of the camera’s and try to lower them so it can transmit a video properly, if problem still exist please call Watchnet Technical support.

39I’m trying to access the system remotely but it says “user blocklist”, what is the reason for this?

Please check the network settings on your DVR, you can go into “Advanced setup” – “Network” and click “Advance Settings”, make sure the Authorization is uncheck. If problem still exist please call Watchnet Technical support.

40I just recently replace the Hard drive on my DVR but it’s still not recording, how could I fix this?

Check the Manual Record settings and make sure it’s not on stop option, you can click schedule option base on your schedule settings.

41I want the recording on my DVR to start at night, how can I set the time on my DVR?

You can set the time of recording on the schedule setting, go to “Set Up” – “DVR Set Up” – “Schedule” you can see all the camera and time, you can click the time you want the DVR to record.

Note: Make sure you do it on the cameras that you want to record, otherwise it’s only going to record on one camera.

42I’m trying to use multisite manager on my windows 8 laptop but it’s not working, how can I fix this?

Make sure you lower your User Account Control settings to never notify so multisite manager will work properly.

43Can I use 16 PoE camera on a 8 Ports PoE NVR?

Yes, but you can only use 8 camera at a time because that is the maximum camera that can be display on your monitor, however you can switch your different camera by using a switch, you can plug all your camera on a 16 port switch and then plug it on the NVR so you can Remote access them and add it on your NVR.


1Why do I get “Fail to Check Database” when I try to launch DVR Main?

This error occurs if there isn't any database created on the DVR or if the Database got corrupted.

Fix1: Please log into DVR Settings, then go to”DISK TOOL”, create volumes on the HDD. (Please use 5 volumes less than maximum).

Fix2: If your DVR was working and this error occurs, please go to the DVR Folder and open DBTOOL, this is where your database information is kept. Please ensure all drive state is Ok and all field matches.

2When I launch DVR Main, all my camera screen is black, what is the cause of this?

This is a conflict between the DVR video and the VGA Graphics card video.

Fix1: Please update your graphics card drivers from the appropriate website and re-install DVR software.

Fix2: Please check the version of your DVR software; please ensure that you are using DVR Software V12.06, for graphics card with 128MB of RAM or higher.

3Why do I receive “Fail to Initialize Display” error when my computer starts or when I launch DVR Main?

This is graphics related or the DVR Main is launched twice.

Fix1: Check your graphics properties and ensure your graphics card driver is install correctly, or re-install your graphics card driver (VGA).

Fix2: Please check and ensure that your DVR Main is not listed in “Auto Startup” in the DVR Settings and the Startup folder in Windows.

4I've upgraded my DVR system, now when I try to launch I receive “Fail to check database”, what is causing this error?

This is because you've changed your recording database, it is not recommended to upgrade your software unless directed by a Videon Technician.

Fix1: Please log into DBTOOL and clear all saved information, then delete or reformat your recording drive. Once that is done log into DVR Settings and Disk Tool to create volumes.

Fix2: Please un-install the upgraded software and re-install the original software and consult Videon Technical support for further diagnostics.

5When I launch DVR Main it makes a double beeping sound, what and why am I receiving this sound?

This is your Video Loss notification sound; this notifies the users that one of the cameras is disconnected.

Fix: Please log into DVR Settings / Camera, under the General tab please uncheck Video Loss notification for all cameras.

6When I insert my DVR card, my system does not boot up, is there something wrong with this card?

No, your motherboard PCI slot might not be compatible, or the DVR Auto Watchdog cable is incorrectly connected.

Fix1: Please change PCI slot and try other slots on the motherboard.

Fix2: Please unplug the Auto Watchdog from the motherboard and ensure that you are connecting the cable to the “RESET” led on the motherboard.

Fix3: If both methods fail please contact Videon Technical Support.

7Can I install my DVR software on Windows Vista?

Yes, our DVR Software are Windows Vista Compatible, please ensure you are using DVR Software V12.06.

8Can I install my DVR Software on any branded computers?

Dell is the only branded computer that is compatible with our DVR Software, Compaq, IBM, and HP is not compatible with our DVR software.

9I'm trying to install my DVR software on Window 98, it doesn't seem to be working, what can I do to fix this problem?

Dell is the only branded computer that is compatible with our DVR Software, Compaq, IBM, and HP is not compatible with our DVR software.


1What ports do I need to open to view my DVR Server from a remote location?

The ports required are;

  • TCP 3000 - Video
  • TCP 3001 - Search
  • TCP 3003 - Settings
  • TCP 3007 - Video Transmission
  • TCP 80 - Web Server (HTTP)
2What are the steps required to setup my DVR in order for me to view it from home or anywhere over the Internet?

Please visit our website http://www.watchnetdvr.com please read the manual listed on the main page “How to put the DVR Online”.

3My Internet IP keeps changing, I do not have a static IP, and how can I keep a constant connection to my DVR Server?

Please visit our free DNS server website for more information http://www.dynamicdvr.com

4What do I do now that I'm on http://www.dynamicdvr.com ?

Please review site, register a code (which should be 10 characters or less), please read the manuals listed on the site under “DVR Setup”, “Client Setup”, and “Router Setup”.

5I'm registered on http://www.dynamicdvr.com I input my code, it shows my IP address but I cannot connect, how can I see my cameras?
  • Please ensure that “Last updated” matches the current date and time.
  • Please ensure that your TCP ports are forwarded in your router, specifically (TCP port 80).
  • Please ensure TCP port 80 is not restricted by your ISP (Internet service provider).
  • Please ensure that your DVR computer is powered on.
  • Please ensure that your DVR has Internet connection.
6I've check all the settings and everything checked out but I still can't connect, is there something I'm missing?

The router or software firewall or Windows Firewall is blocking access, please check with your router company for assistance in forwarding ports and double check your DVR computer for any firewall settings.

7Why is it whenever I try to connect to my DVR, my router page shows up?

Your router is using TCP port 80 for remote connection, please change this settings in your router and have the ports forwarded directly to the DVR computer.

8I was able to connect to my DVR in the past, now for some reason it gives me an error “Page cannot be displayed”, what is causing this and what can I do to resolve this problem?

The local IP address of your DVR might have changed; please check your local IP address (e.g. 192.168.X.X)

Check your Router configuration and confirm that the ports are forwarded to the correct IP address.