• This unit has a keypad, proximity card reader and a built in and fingerprint sensor. This will allow the user to have options to key in
    an access code, swipe a card and/or use a fingerprint scan.
  • It can also be used as a standalone reader and controller for a single door or access control solutions, and can replace existing readers to offer
    additional functions to an existing access control system.
  • It can be used as a time and attendance feature as well. It will calculate time in and out, early/late allowance, overtime through the internal software.
  • It also has input/output capabilities for the use for sirens or sensors and also has an option to power an electric strike as well. The fingerprint enrollment is made easy when connected to WatchNET Access control software through the standard card enrollment screen in the software.

Technical Specifications

Memory 4MB Flash memory +8 MB RAM
Fingerprint storage capacity 2000 Internal
Supported Card types E: Proximity EM4100 Series
Fingerprint Sensor 500 dpi optical sensor
Authentication modes fingerprint, proximity card, proximity card + fingerprint, ID + fingerprint etc.
Communication Interface Wiegand output, TCP /IP
Voltage 12VDC
Working Temperature ‐20C to 65C / >‐4F to 149 F
Working Humidity 0 ‐ 95%
Dimension 197mm L x 88mm W x 35mm / 7.75” L x 3.46” W x 1.37”
Weight 490g / 1.08lb