The WAE-016-ENC is a fully intelligent IP enabled Elevator Controller built into an enclosure with power supply and battery charging circuit. This controller, based on an 8 bit ARM micro processor, is an independent controller that can control 16 floors with no additional hardware.

The WAE-016-ENC can also control access to each floor individually, based on an event or time period. The system will record each transaction and provides many auditing reports,such as data on selected floors to ensure complete accountability.

The system can be fully operational in a standalone mode, even during communication loss to the host PC. In offline mode,the controllers will have access to time schedules, authorization groups and even holidays with no access level limitation.

In the event of a Fire Alarm the Fire Override will disable all access limitations to either an Elevator or Floor. Events are monitored in Real Time with all card events displayed on the operator’screen. When the user presents their card the operator can see the entire information pertaining to this user.

Technical Specifications

8 bit ARM processor, 2 Watchdogs
32 KB ROM Process Memory 1024KB SRAM Data Memory
30,000 Cardholders 10,000 Transactions
16 Floor Relays (NC/NO) 4 Extension Inputs
1 Wiegand Reader
Fire Alarm input will have all Floors Opened
Option: TCP/IP interface (10/100 Base-T), RS232/RS485 interface
Maximum Distance: 1200meters(4000ft) using RS-485.
127 controllers max. For 1 RS485 bus
Support online computer polling
Communication speed: 9600 1,1,n
15 Time groups for each door
Operating Voltage: 12VDC (±10%) or 110/220AC (50/60HZ) with power supply
Operating Current: ≤200mA Standby Current: ≤150mA
Working Temperature: 40C~70C
Data Memory: 512KB (protected)
1 Lithium battery backup (up to 10 years retention)
Metal case Dimension:403mm x 384mm x 72mm
Weight0.2Kg (Without Metal Case) 4.5Kg (With Metal Case)