The WatchNET E10 Series EM Readers are unique combination of style and reliability making it an ideal choice for entry level access control, Time attendance or for large & complex installations. The unit resists the elements such as glue, oil, rain, ice, snow making it ideal for hospitals, industrial and commercial application.

This dual-application product has advanced reader features for wide compatibility with different controller types including multiple RFID card transmission formats, LED & Buzzer control. Blue backlit LED assist operation in low or no light conditions and along with a built in internal sounder, this reader provides superior accessibility. This superior quality Proximity reader is rugged, weather-resistant, and attractive in design with also has an exceptionally long life due to no moving parts.

  • EM Card Readers
  • Keypad Readers with Display
  • Vandal Resistant Readers
  • Clamshell Cards
  • Printable Cards
  • Key Fobs

Technical Specifications

Range in cm 10
Output 26/34 bit
Indicators Blue/Green
Size in mm 126 x 95 x 25
Frequency 125KHz
Voltage 7-12V DC
Operating Current ≤ 100mA
Standby Current ≤ 80mA
Working Temperature -30°C ~ 65°C, -22°F ~150°C
Operating Humidity  0 ~ 95%
LED Control Input Dry Contact, N/O
Buzzer Control Input Dry Contact, N/O
Weight 200g (0.44lb)