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  • P: Wiegand output format following the card
    U: Standard WG26/34 bits output which can be compatible with any kind of Access Controller
  • Dustproof, suitable for any installation site
  • Fast response, anti-interference, low power consumption and good stability
  • WDT watchdog, having a power-on self-test function
  • Fast fingerprint matching speed, 480 fingerprints within one second
  • Multi-threaded code designed to take advantage of multi-core CPU
  • 500dpi optical fingerprint sensor, anti-scratch
  • POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • The world's leading fingerprint algorithm, refusing false fingerprints
  • Blue / Green light to show Valid or Invalid
  • Production under ISO: 9001 standard system, high quality
  • It can be connected to a door controller or work as a standalone unit
CPU: ARM, 32 Bits, Cortex-M4, 400MHz DSP
Memory 16MB Flash memory +4 MB RAM
Fingerprint capacity 480 PCS, (Identify fake FP)
Supported Card types P Biometric fingerprint reader, proximity, multi-technology reader Supports proximity, plus certain HID 125Khz and AWID 125Khz
U Biometric fingerprint reader, supports CPU and Mifare technology (Smartcard
Fingerprint Sensor 500 dpi optical sensor
Authentication modes FingerPrint Only
FingerPrint or Card
FingerPrint + Card
Communication Interface Wiegand output, TCP /IP
Voltage POE+ / 12VDC
Working Temperature ‐20C to 65C / >‐4F to 149 F
Working Humidity 0 ‐ 95%
Dimension 135mm L x 58mm W x 45mm / 5.31” L x 2.28” W x 1.77”
Weight 490g / 0.88lb
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