• 32 bit processor with 4M bit data memory
  • Blue backlight, Touch Pad
  • Cards holder capacity: 30,000 events
  • Transactions storage: up to 15,000
  • Work Mode: Card / PIN, Card + PIN, PIN only
  • OLED dual color display to indicate Clock, Company, Name, Card No
  • Communication: TCP/IP
  • Compatible with all Wiegand reader format from 24 to 72 Bits
  • Events Flow Control
  • Supports 500 Visitors
  • ncluding UDP Protocol
  • CE, FCC, RoHS approva
  • Model WAC-1D2T MICRO: • Built-in EM Proximity reader Model WAC-1D2TH MICRO: • Built-in HID Proximity reader

Technical Specifications

Lock Output: 1 Door Relay (NC/NO)
Door Sensor 1 Door Sensor (NO)
Request to Exit 1 Exit Button
Auxiliary Relay Output 1 Auxiliary Output Relay
Auxiliary Inputs 2 Auxiliary Inputs
Card Reader Input 1 Wiegand Reader Input
Communication TCP/IP, RS-232/RS-485 interface
Maximum number of Controllers on RS 485 Up to 127 controllers per RS-485 bus
Online Computer Polling Supported
Time Groups 15 Time Groups for 1 door
Maximum Card Capacity 30,000
Emergency Cards 10
Transaction Storage 15,000 events
Dimensions -150mm, H: 10mm; M: 50mm
Compatible Cards EM/HID/Mifare Comparable Proximity cards
Communication Speed 10/100M
Operating Voltage 12VDC (±10%)
Operating Current 100mA
Standby Current 80mA
Working Temperature -30°C to 65°C (-22°F to 150°F)
Operating Humidity 0 to 95%
Weight 290 g (0.63 lb