Ideal server for small installations with the freedom to scale up

The Hawk server series is designed to fit numerous sizes of installations from small commercial setup to the massive enterprise class solutions. Hawk’s range works seamlessly with NetFLOW to provide the performance and reliability needed for you to get the most out of your video management solution.

Reliable and simple setup
The Hawk model is made to support smaller sites with few cameras and minimal need to view real-time footage locally. Data is saved locally or sent to a central data location to ensure continuous recording. Ideal for multi-site installations like retail stores, gas stations and ATMs, Hawk 64 provides a simple, low-cost setup that merges seamlessly with your NetFLOW software.

Unveiling the Ultimate Video Surveillance Solution for NetFLOW
Discover the Unparalleled benefits of choosing Hawk for your business. From exceptional support and effortless installation to the outstanding performance of our products, Hawk guarantees an unparalleled enhancement to your video management experience.

Experience the Ease & Convenience

HAWK is pre-loaded with NetFLOW, saving you time on setup and installation. Just add your NetFLOW license code and it’s ready to go. It’s also easy to manage and service, freeing up time to spend on more important aspects of your project.

  • Pre-Loaded with NETFLOW PRO
  • Seamless setup with EASY license activation


Technical Specifications


CPU i9 Performance CPU
Mother Board 13th Generation CPU
OS Drive & HDD 1 TB OS drive & built-in 8TB HDD
Case 4U Rackmount Case with 5 HDD slot
Storage 4 HDD slot (no hotswap)
Windows Windows 10 IoT
Software Preloaded with NetFLOW
Dimensions Width 19.00″ ( 482.6 mm )
Height 7.00″ ( 177.8 mm )
Depth 20.47″ ( 519.9 mm )




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