• One keyboard can control multiple DVRs, or you can use multiple keyboards to control one DVR
  • Support dome operation
  • Support RS485 port and RS232 port
  • Support PTZ operation via joystick
  • Support all operations you get from DVR front panel function keys
  • Support keyboard lock function
  • Support multiple-level operation rights
  • Support level-link
  • Support single or multiple DVRs’s menu setup
  • On-screen menu, user-friendly procedure. It is very easy for you to operate
  • Can control network video server and network video decoder support network ports connection
  • Can receive DVR alarm information, support one-channel activation on alarm

Technical Specifications

Joystick 3-axis, vector-solving, with twisting, return to-center head
Keyboard Connector RJ-45,RS232,RS485,RS422,USB
Network Mode Interface: RJ45 DVR/Network Dome: IP Address/Port/Protocol
Power Supply Power adapter, input 100V~240V 50Hz / 60Hz, output DC12V/1000mA
Direct Mode Interface: RS232/RS485