Use of efficient, environmental protection switching power supply circuit frame.

Optimization of the shape and structure to facilitate the construction systems.

Small ripple and noise ‐ video output signal more stable, clearly images.

Splitter output ‐ by‐pass failure to protect other equipment to work.

Power protection ‐ output over‐voltage protection, ever‐current protection, short circuit protection.

Technical Specifications

4 Channel Power supply with ULC
Input: 100 ‐ 240V AC @50‐60Hz
Output voltage: 12VDC, +/‐ 15%
Output current: 5Amp
Over current protection: 6A+/‐ 5%
Output channel: 4 channel
Charge voltage: 13.5V
Charge current (max): 1Amp
Ripple & Noise:
Battery under‐voltage protection: 9V
Indoor use only