World’s Best Fingerprint Recognition Technology- Cutting-edge algorithm ranked to pin Fingerprint field Live Biometric Sensor- Live tech Detector, nobody can use flake Fingerprint- Semi-conductor fingerprint sensor, High security level Ultra Performance- 1:5,000matchesin1seconds TwiceRecognition- Recognition in Terminal only, Server first Recognition DualFrequenciesCard- 125KHz Proximity card, HID, AWID, WatchNET; 13.56MHz CPU&Mifarecard, Mifare / DesFire, Mifare Sector MetalCase-Metal Case, Anti vandal, High Security On-LineandOff-Lineseamlessoperation On-Line: connected to server, Off-Line: Stand-Alone, not connected to server


ADVANCED SECURE MODE OF OPERATION: No fingerprint picture stored. Proprietary template algorithm. Reader Mode: Door operated by door controller in a secured area. Reader On-Line Mode: No data stored on device. Simple Mode : Door controlled by WAB-M2-FCS, operation uninterrupted with or without a network.