3 Series Lift module, 16 Floors, 0 Readers, is a plug in module that increases the base 16 floors provided by the WAE-016-PCB controller by another 16 floors. Connecting via a daisy chain ribbon cable, up to 7 WAE-E16-PCB lift modules can be attach to the WAE-016-PCB controller. With each WAE-E16-PCB lift module supporting 16 floors, the WAE-016-PCB lift controller with 7 x WAE-E16-PCB modules can support 128 floors. If only a single module is required to give a total of 32 floors, then this module can be piggybacked on top of the WAE-016-PCB.


Technical Specifications

Controller Specifications:
32 bit ARM processor
2 Watchdogs
30,000 Cardholders
200,000 Transactions
Communication Mode: TCP/IP, RS-485(Option)
Wiegand Reader: 2 pcs
RS485 Reader: 2 pcs (Equal Wiegand)
Operating Voltage: 12V DC (±10%)
Operating Current: ≤800mA
Standby Current: ≤150mA
Working Temperature: -40C ~ 70C/-40F ~ 158F
1 Lithium battery backup (up to 10 years data retention)
Metal case dimensions: 403mm x 384mm x 72mm/15.87” x 15.12 x 2.83”
Weight: 0.2kg / 0.44lb (without metal case)
4.7kg / 10.36lb (with metal case & PSU)