The WAE-E16-PCB is a plug in module that increases the base capacity of the WAE-016-ENC to an additional 16 floors. This connects to the main controller via a daisy chain ribbon cable. Up to 7 WAE-E16-PCBs can be connected to a WAE-016-ENC with each of these add on modules supporting 16 floors, making the total capacity of the system to 128 floors. If only a single module is required to give a total of 32 floors, then this module can be piggybacked on top of the WAE-E16-ENC.

Visitor Function in the system enables the operator to add and authorise a visitor for access to the floors. When the visitor presents their card, they can only go to the floors they are authorised to visit where they live.

Door Phone Function: When a visitor without a valid access card calls the user through the intercom; the user can click the door button on the intercom to open the door. What happens then is the lift will automatically go to the ground floor, the visitor will enter and the lift will then automatically go to the user’s floor.

Applications: The WAE-016-ENC Elevator Controller is very versatile and is suitable for other applications as well, in addition to Lift/Elevator control. These applications include floor control management, VIP cabinet management and employee locker control etc.

Operation: All the programming for the Elevator Controller and its associated modules are done through the WatchNET Access software. The operator can set up the authorization at any time by configuring the floor access level and access schedule. Each authorised user is designated a home floor and the button for this home floor is automatically enabled when the card is presented. Once programmed, a user simply flashes their card at the reader inside the Elevator. There is no need for the user to press the floor button. When the user has a requirement to visit more than 1 floor, then the system will enable all the floor buttons where the user is allowed access and then the user has to press the floor where he needs to go. If a card is invalid or a valid card has not been given access rights then no access will be allowed.

Technical Specifications

8 bit ARM processor, 2 Watchdogs
32 KB ROM Process Memory 1024KB SRAM Data Memory
100,000 Cardholders 270,000 Transactions
16 Floor Relays (NC/NO) 4 Extension Inputs
1 Wiegand Reader
Fire Alarm input will have all Floors Opened
Option: TCP/IP interface (10/100 Base-T), RS232/RS485 interface
Maximum Distance: 1200meters(4000ft) using RS-485.
127 controllers max. For 1 RS485 bus
Support online computer polling
Communication speed: 9600 1,1,n
15 Time groups for each door
Operating Voltage: 12VDC (±10%) or 110/220AC (50/60HZ) with power supply
Operating Current: ≤200mA Standby Current: ≤150mA
Working Temperature: 40C~70C
Data Memory: 512KB (protected)
1 Lithium battery backup (up to 10 years retention)
Metal case Dimension:403mm x 384mm x 72mm
Weight0.2Kg (Without Metal Case) 4.5Kg (With Metal Case)