WatchNET Access Control Demo kit is a portable unit that comes with a 2 Door controller, proximity and keypad reader to swipe/scan a card or even enter a PIN code to turn on the LED lights that reflect as the lock for each door. It also has a push-button and door sensor that you can toggle ON or OFF to replicate an opening and closing of an actual door. All of these components are inside a small briefcase to carry wherever
you go, this demo kit also has 2 IP Cameras that can be programmed to take a snapshot from the software from an event such as “Door open by valid card” or “Invalid card”.

Technical Specifications

• 2‐Door, 2 readers, 32 bit controller with TCP/IP
• 2 ‐ IP Cameras
• 1 ‐ Proximity Reader
• 1 ‐ Keypad Reader
• 2 ‐ Touchless Request to Exit button
• 2 ‐ Toggles ON/OFF for Door sensor
• 4 ‐ Toggles ON/OFF for AUX input
• 2 ‐ LED lights to reflect as a lock for doors
• 2 ‐ WAC-EMC-SID cards
• 1 ‐ 12V DC PSU
• 1 ‐ Ethernet cable