The WAC‐EMC‐CSH Card Pro offers access cards in the Low Frequency (125K) with increased read performance and this Clamshell Card is specifically well suited for automated management of Systems such as Access Control, Attendance Management and Automated Parking Management.

Users can also enjoy an enhanced reading distance, with faster scanning, good memory and faster transaction times. This WAC‐EMC‐CSH Card is the first member of a Low Frequency product family of smart ID’s based on the ISO standard ISO 7816. The WAC‐EMC‐CSH Card can have a read and write distance up to 8 cm, which offers systems provider to offer this card in a variety of access control solutions. WAC‐EMC‐CSH Card solution offers enhanced consumer‐friendly system design, in combination with reliability at a cost effective price.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 86×54×0.8(+/‐0.04) mm / 3.38×2.12×0.03(+/‐0.0015) inches
Case Material Shell / Cover: PVC
Operation Temperature -15°C ~ 55°C, 5°F ~131°F
Storage Temperature ‐20°C to +60°C / ‐4°F to +140°F
Chip Type Functionality EM Card
Operation Frequency 125K Hz
Protocol ISO 7816
Read Distance Up to Max. 80 mm / 3.15”
Data Retention Up to 10 year (<55°C ~ <131°F)