• Built in 32 bit TI ARM® CortexTMM3 processor
  • Communication Mode: TCP, RS232 & RS485
  • Comparable with all Wiegand readers from W24 to W72 Bits.
  • Control capabilities include Events Flow Control
  • Fully Programmable by WatchNET Access Software
  • Include UDP Protocol
  • CE, FCC, RoHS Approval

Technical Specifications

Outputs: 8 Outputs Relays (NC/NO) Inputs: 16 Inputs (NO)
Processor: 32Bits ARM (TI) Communication: Built in TCP/IP, RS232/RS485 interface
Comm. Speed: 19200/9600/4800 Number of units on a bus: 127 Controllers maximum
Data transfer: Online computer polling Time Groups: 15 Time groups for each Relay
Transmission Range: More than 1200 m. Operating Voltage: 12VDC or 110/220AC with PSU
Operating Current: ≤200mA Standby Current: ≤150mA
Working Temperature: -40C~70C Data Memory: 512KB (protected)
Data Retention: 1 Lithium battery (10 years) Metal case Dimension: 403mm x 384mm x 72mm
Weight without Metal Case: 0.2Kg Weight with Metal Case: 4.5Kg