Introducing the robust WAB-MP-FCS: An Advanced Standalone Access Control Solution with Multi-Factor Authentication. This powerful reader offers a range of convenient features, including a fingerprint sensor, proximity card reader, and a built-in keypad. Users have the flexibility to choose between using fingerprint scan, keying in an access code or swiping a proximity card for seamless authentication. Not only can the WAB-MP-FCS function as a standalone reader and controller for a single door, but it can also integrate with existing access control systems, providing enhanced functionality. Upgrade your system with ease and unlock new capabilities. Beyond access control, the WAB-MP-FCS doubles as a comprehensive time and attendance solution. Its intuitive software calculates time in and out, early/late allowances, and even handles overtime, streamlining your workforce management processes. Furthermore, the WAB-MP-FCS boasts versatile input/output capabilities, enabling integration with sirens, sensors, and the option to power an electric strike. It offers a seamless enrollment process when connected to WatchNET Access Control software through the standard card enrollment screen. Experience the power and convenience of the WAB-MP-FCS : Your gateway to efficient access control and advanced security functionalities.


World’s Best Fingerprint Recognition Technology – Cutting-edge algorithm ranked top inFingerprint field Live Biometric Sensor – Live tech Detector, nobody can use flake Fingerprint Ultra Performance – 1:5000 matches in 1.5 second Triple Recognition -Recognition in Terminal only, Server first Recognition Unlimited Template Capacity -5,000 pcs in terminal memory, Unlimited using WatchNET Access Software Online Power over Ethernet – Power supply through a single CAT5/6 wiring Multi-Proximity Cards – HID Prox, AWID Prox, EM Prox, WatchNET Prox Exit Reader -Proximity Reader as Out Reader, Connected to Wiegand_In On-Line and Off-Line seamless operation -On-Line: connected to server, Off-Line: Stand-Alone,not connected to server ADVANCED SECURE MODE OF OPERATION: No fingerprint picture stored. Proprietary template algorithm. Reader Mode: Door operated by door controller in secured area Reader On-Line Mode: no data stored on device. Simple Mode: Door controlled by WAB-MP-FCS, operation uninterrupted with or without network